Check out my list of recommended websites, software and hardware which I think are pretty neat.


Notion (Free personal CRM and productivity tool)

Unsplash (Free for commercial use stock images)

Pixabay (Another free for commercial use stock image and graphic library)

Canva (Free web-based graphic editor)

W3Schools (Learn multiple programming languages for free and even try some snippets online)

CSS Tricks (Another website to learn programming and scripting languages like HTML and CSS for free)

Start Bootstrap (Collection of free Bootstrap themes and templates)

Bootstrap (Free responsive CSS framework and UI library)

Bootswatch (Collection of free Bootstrap themes)

Font Awesome (One of the biggest free web icon libraries)

Namecheap (Affordable domain names and other web hosting resources)

Krystal Hosting (Fast, affordable and transparent UK-based web hosting) – Enter code “44C6056A” at checkout for £5 off 😉

GitHub (Free code repository hosting, sharing and collaboration)

Netlify (Free static web hosting)

Cloudflare (Free CDN to boost website speed, host DNS records and DDoS protection)

Replit (Free online IDE and sandbox to try multiple programming languages)

ProtonMail (Free encrypted email provider)

Bitwarden (Free password manager)

Have I Been Pwned (Free tool to see if you’ve been involved in a data breach)

How Secure Is My Password? (Test your password security strength)

Send Anywhere (Free tool to send large files over the Internet)

Linktree (Free page to host all your social media links)

Cash App (Free money transfer service) – Enter code “LNMXFSP” and we’ll both get £5 😉


Visual Studio Code (Free IDE based off of Microsoft’s Visual Studio)

ProtonVPN (Free VPN)

WiFiman (Free Wi-Fi speedtest, IP/host finder and analyser): Apple App Store | Google Play Store

NFC Tools (Free NFC tag writer)

YMusic (Free music app with YouTube playback)

Raspberry Pi Imager (Free tool to flash ISOs to SD cards)

7-Zip (Free ZIP/RAR packager and extractor)

FileZilla (Free FTP file transfer software, works great on Windows)

Cyberduck (Another free FTP file transfer application, works great on Mac)

MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter (Free YouTube to MP3 converter)

Amphetamine (Free Mac app to prevent it from going to sleep)

Rectangle (Free Mac app to enable shortcut-based window snapping)


Raspberry Pi 4 (The latest Raspberry Pi): Standalone | Starter Kit

Raspberry Pi 3 (Affordable and popular SBC)

Raspberry Pi Zero 2 (W) (One of the smallest and most popular SBCs): Standalone | Starter Kit

NodeMCU (Affordable Wi-Fi development board)

Want me to check out / add your website, software or hardware?

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Last Updated: 08/03/2022