How to download Windows 10 ISO without using the Media Creation Tool

The other day I was trying to download a fresh copy of Windows 10 to use for a test VM as part of my job.

I noticed that Microsoft are still forcing users to download the Media Creation Tool to download an ISO image file for Windows 10, despite them allowing you to download one for Windows 11 without using the tool.

I saw a guide online that recommends changing your user agent via a browser extension or a browser that supports it.

Since I couldn’t download a third-party extension due to company policy and the guides I looked at to natively change the user-agent string involved a lot of steps and sometimes messing with the page code, I thought I’d try the device emulator.

Needless to say, this worked perfectly and I was able to get the dropdown to select a language for the ISO instead of the Media Creation Tool prompt.

To access the device emulator in Google Chrome browser, right click anywhere on the page and click “Inspect” (or hit F12 / FN + F12). Then next to the elements tab, click the icon that looks like a phone and a tablet and choose a non-Windows based device e.g. Pixel phone. Refresh the page and ta-da, while you get a smaller way to view the page, you get the dropdown instead of the Media Creation Tool prompt.

You’re welcome 😉

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