Why you should put your domain instead of your phone number on your company vehicle

As I’ve been getting more out and about, I’ve noticed that people still put their phone number as a primary contact or call-to-action on their company vehicle.

This doesn’t just apply to vehicles. I see this from shop signs, billboards, newspaper adverts and business cards as well.

Back before websites (or domain names even) were so cheap and easy to obtain, it’s understandable why small businesses would put their mobile or business telephone number on these forms or physical advertising.

Nowadays however, it’s a little more risky to rely solely on this single method of communication for a few reasons…

The first being that the younger generation tend not to phone, but instead text or instant message.

Another being you might not always be there to answer the phone, you’ve got a business to run and sure, you can rely on voicemail but again, not everyone can be bothered to leave a voicemail.

The final reason is you could switch mobile contracts or cancel your landline and accidentally invalidate that phone number altogether, meaning you need to buy a new vehicle sticker, shop sign or set of business cards.

All of these reasons could be the make-or-break for winning a customer’s business, so what’s the solution?

Domain names.

Domains are cheap, easy to obtain and you can either point them to a website (if you have one, which is strongly recommended) or redirect them to a social media page e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, Depop etc…

Domain names are owned by you so long as you remember to renew them on time (most providers give you plenty of notice and even sometimes offer auto-pay) so you don’t need to worry about losing that potential customer.

I hope this has been useful, please share with your small business owner friends/family.

If you have any questions about domains, check out my post covering domain names or feel free to drop me a message.

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anthony 20 February 2022 Reply

nice post man, thanks for sharing!

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