I don’t normally review apps, but I promised you guys something special this week, so here we go.

I have found the perfect all-in-one app for IT professionals.

No matter if you’re in cyber security, networking or just IT in general, the networking company Ubiquity have released a neat mobile app for managing and keeping an eye on your wireless network.

The app is called WiFiman and allows you to do all of the following…

  • Perform a speed test.
  • See your device’s WiFi and cell signal status and information, including latency.
  • See all of the WiFi networks in your area including their channel and signal strength.
  • If you have AR available, create a visual floorplan of the signal status of the WiFi netwlrk you’re connected to.
  • See nearby Bluetooth devices and their signal strength.
  • See all the device’s on the same WiFi network you’re connected to with all their information, including the ability to perform a port scan.

It’s available on iOS and Android and it is 100% free, which makes it the perfect must-have tool in your kit.

You can get it from the link https://wifiman.com or just search “WiFiman” on your app store.