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Less tech waste = more supplemental waste

So I finally bit the bullet and got the Samsung S21 5G and I must admit, it’s a really nice phone.

The camera is probably the best feature, showing off with a wider shot mode (almost like zooming out by half the default zoom), up to 30x zoom and a new mode called “Directors View” which allows you to record using real camera array while having a picture-in-picture front-facing camera view in the top corner… perfect for festivals and concerts to capture the crowd behind you at the same time as the action!

Anyway, enough about the phone itself, it’s time to address the elephant in the room…


As mentioned in my previous post on this topic, Samsung have removed the headphone aux jack from their latest flagship phones (S21 included), which means you have to use a special adapter (USB C to 3.5mm) at a cost of £10.

Now, after spending about a grand on the phone itself, £10 doesn’t feel like a lot, but it’s an unnecessary expense, especially as it probably costs Samsung pence to produce. Something they could’ve just thrown in the box, but they didn’t because they are “trying to reduce tech waste”.

Ok fair enough, tech waste is bad. But if you think about it, you are creating more waste by selling another product…

  • Electricity to power the servers needed to host the e-commerce store selling the external product.
  • Fuel for the delivery of the external product.
  • Packaging (cardboard and PLASTIC) for the delivery of the external product.

And the same goes for a USB C charger (which I didn’t have, so also had to buy for £11.90), they don’t include one either but they still sell it as an external product you can (must) buy.

So what they set out to achieve has really been defeated in other means.

I think the most sensible way of going about it is giving the customer a choice as to what accessories they need (don’t have already) in the box.

Not to force them to buy it separately, whether they like it or not and then give some cock and bull story about “saving the environment”, because they’re really not.

I feel that this week’s post has been my biggest rant yet, so I promise next week I’ll do something more interesting.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post if you got this far and feel free to let me know about how you feel about smartphone manufacturers changing up the game.

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