How to send a message to a WhatsApp number without adding it as a contact

Well it appears that despite all the privacy concerns a few months back, some people are still using WhatsApp.

There are even some people questioning the security about the alternatives thrown into the mix like Signal and Telegram, but today’s post isn’t about that.

Have you ever wanted to send a message to someone on WhatsApp without having to add their number to your phone contacts?

Have you ever wanted to have someone to message or call you on WhatsApp in a quick and easy way?

Well WhatsApp thought of that and came up with their own URL shortener service called “” or “click-to-chat”.

Any number you add to the end, with the international code, but without the “+” prefix will open that chat up in WhatsApp (provided that number is on WhatsApp).

For example, if my number was 01234567890 or +441234567890 in international format (44 being the UK country code). My “” link would be “”.

You can even pre-define a little bit of text to be entered into the text box, ready to be sent to you by the end user if they hit send. This could be an enquiry request or asking for a few details. To do this, just add “?text=YOUR TEXT” to your “” link, where “YOUR TEXT” is the text you want the end user to be pre-defined with.

My full example would be “ would like to enquire about XYZ”.

WhatsApp’s full guide on this service is at

I hope this has helped save some time or make you more of a WhatsApp power user.

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