Even if you haven’t ever created a website or webpage before, you will have likely come across many of them.

I mean, you’re even looking at one right now!

I like to use small businesses occasionally and so do my friends and family.

Now that we’re slowly moving out of lockdown and able to visit more places, eating, drinking and shopping out, you may visit a few of these small business websites.

This is where it helps to keep an eye on your small business website (if you have one – highly recommended if you don’t want to be literally turning away customers).

I have noticed that there are a few super common rookie mistakes which put customers off visiting your website, likely never seeing them visit again…

#1: Not having a responsive or “mobile friendly” website

I’ve talked about the importance of making sure your website can be viewed on a mobile device so much on this blog, I’m starting to sound like a broken record.

However, I am still seeing, in 2021, small business websites that are either partially or completely unsuitable and unusable on a mobile device.

Some people don’t even own a computer these days and do all of their web browsing on a mobile phone, so think of those you are alienating by not having a responsive website.

#2: Not having an SSL/HTTPS certificate or letting it expire

I believe I’ve also talked about the importance of having an SSL/HTTPS certificate on your website, even if you aren’t processing customer data.

Most modern web browsers now show a “SITE NOT SECURE” warning, as soon as you visit a website that does not have a valid SSL/HTTPS certificate.

This warning is very scary to most non-tech nerds and they likely believe the website has been hacked (or worse), while the tech nerds are having a chuckle at your expense if we see a website triggering this warning.

#3: Using a free website builder and not upgrading to remove adverts or “powered by” banners

This one is more of a no-brainer than the other two, but using a free website builder like Wix, Weebly, Square etc… and not paying/upgrading to remove the huge “powered by Wix.com” or “built using GoDaddy website builder” advert/banner is a huge turn-off for most customers.

You may as well have a huge banner outside your shop, cafe, restaurant etc… (or a tattoo on your forehead) that says “I’m too cheap to pay for a website”, it’s that bad.

If you want customers to value your business over the next person’s, you need to value yours and invest to make a good impression.

I admit it has been tough for small businesses over the past year and a half, which is why I believe putting the effort in now will be worth your while and will all pay off soon.