Notion is advertised as an all-in-one workspace and does exactly that. Whatever you want to get done you can do it with the help of Notion.

Please note, this post is not sponsored by Notion or anything, I just love it so much I had to tell you about it.

I have been used to using certain tools for certain things. For example, if I wanted to take a quick note, I’d use the Notes app on my phone or Google Keep if I wanted it to sync with the cloud to my laptop. If I wanted to store a set of organised data with columns and rows, I’d create a spreadsheet with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

While this way of working sufficed, it felt really tedious and there were a huge number of barriers. For example, if I has multiple notes relating to each other, I couldn’t link them or if I to store the same data in two separate spreadsheets, I couldn’t link them either and this would lead to duplication and having to change this data in several places. There were certain types of data I wanted to store and plaintext was just not the way to do it or could not be done using these existing tools, for example tags and statuses using select drop-downs or file attachments.

Furthermore, the more notes and spreadsheets and documents I had piling up, the harder it was to find what I needed quickly. Even the search options of these existing tools are ok at best, everything was just so clunky.

Enter Notion.

Notion allows you to create pages, within pages, within pages, infinitely… and link everything together, while being so beautifully organised. Pages can store multiple types of data… text, lists, tables and file attachments, you name it. If you have 2 spreadsheets or tables (Notion calls them “databases”), you can link multiple columns between the two with what’s known as a “relation”.

You can create multiple layouts on pages called “views” such as lists, kanban card boards and even sort these layouts however you want, hiding data that you want to hide and showing it when it’s relevant.

All of this is just scratching the surface of Notion.

The tool is free for personal use and amazingly cheap for businesses. Talking of businesses, Notion is designed with collaboration in mind, so you can a create full company CRM (Content Resource Management) or Intranet without any coding, backend knowledge or complex overwhelming setups to do like other CRMs I’ve worked with (cough cough Salesforce).

I’d highly recommend you go check out Notion right now if you’d like to improve your way of working – is their web address.

They even have a very well explained and super easy to follow getting started video –

Feel free to let me know how you get on too, I’d love to know if I’m actually helping anyone with my blogs.

Thanks for reading!