If you know me, you may be wondering why I’m starting a blog in 2020. If I’m not a celebrity or influencer who cares right? Well although I anticipate very little people will read my blog, it is a good way to put your thoughts down on paper… or digital paper should I say.

If you’re considering starting a blog or enjoy writing, I’d highly recommend it. Who knows, maybe someone will come across it and find it interesting and if you have a couple of quid spare, you can invest in advertising to spread the word around. I will talk about digital advertising practices in another post.

So, how do you start a blog? How much does it cost? Do I have to be a Computer Scientist to do it? Fear not, I will give you a few recommendations on starting your own blog from a technology point-of-view…

Solution 1: Blogger

Blogger is a free blog platform by Google. You can use it on any computer and comes as an Android app too. It is very easy to get setup, just go to blogger.com or download the app and follow the on-screen instructions. Blogger comes with a couple modern themes or you can still access the older themes as of this post writing. You will be provided with a <yourname>.blogspot.com blog address or you can connect your own custom domain in the settings (highly recommended).

Solution 2: WordPress

WordPress is the world’s most popular blogging platform. It is what most people think of when you’re talking about a blog platform. There are actually 2 versions of WordPress… the commercial version and the open-source version. First I will talk you though the commercial version, also known as WordPress.com. They have a number of plans, including a free plan to get started with. All plans com with a number of themes are are easy to get setup, just go to wordpress.com or download the available Android or iOS app. With the free plan, you will be provided with a <yourname>.wordpress.com blog address and if you upgrade, you can connect your own custom domain as well as access a number of other features.

Solution 3: WordPress Self-Hosted

Now that I’ve explained how the commercial version of WordPress works, I will talk about the open-source version, also known as WordPress.org. This version of WordPress is one where you’ll need to take out a hosting plan, I recommend A2 Hosting, click here to get started with them. Once you have a hosting plan, you can either purchase a domain name from them or purchase one from my recommended registrar Namecheap and point it to your hosting account. I will put out another post explaining all these technical terms and how they all connect together but the main thing you need to do to get WordPress on your hosting account is to go to your cPanel and find the Softaculous Apps Installer. From there, you will be able to easily install WordPress by entering a few details and it will install it for you. This solution is the most recommended by myself because you have more control and freedom over your blog.

So there I’ve just gone through 3 of my most recommended approaches to starting your own blog. It is more simple than you think and 2 out of the 3 solutions are free if you don’t mind the limitations. If you do, it won’t break the bank to upgrade and look a little more professional.

Happy blogging!